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Fountain of Youth: Unhealthy Water & Use it or Lose it!

Water or Tea for Health

Water is important for general health and for fertility.

Can you believe that October is already almost over? I can’t! Fall is the time for crips air, and can you feel the changes in the air? As we’ve been exploring, Fall is the season that resonates with the Lung, so Lung symptoms can pop up if you have a weak Lung system.


In Chinese medicine, the Lung system includes the Lung organ, throat and tonsils, part of the immune system, and the thumb and parts of the arm. Potential symptoms that could relate to the Lung system are, dry throat, nasal allergies, easily catch cold or flu, and dry skin. There are lots of potential symptoms, but these are the more common ones.


The Lung is very susceptible to dryness, and it’s a great time to make sure that you are getting enough hydration. Make sure that in this season you are sipping enough water. Some people will say what about coffee? I find that coffee is such a strong diuretic that it’s not a good hydrator. If you’re going to urinate it all away, then you’re not getting all of the potential benefits of hydration. Even tea can cause urination and not be hydrating enough if you drink it as a main beverage.


Water is the most hydrating choice of the three. And as a reminder, we in Chinese medicine do not like our water cold. We prefer to drink it room temperature or warm. Cold water requires energy to warm it up to your body temperature, and the way that we see it, that energy comes from your digestive system. We don’t want to waste precious digestive energy on ice water.


Also a bit of a reminder, since it is October. Some people have HSAs or FSAs that reset with the new year. If your benefits reset in January, you may want to call me and schedule some acupuncture sessions. You mind as well take advantage of those benefits and use them to your best advantage. I’m here to help.


If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below! I read each and every comment.


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To Your Health!



Dorothy Pang, Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist


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