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What are the best solutions for overheating? We want to have a body that’s in the middle – warm. Not too hot, and not too cold. In the summer, it’s common for the weather to make us a bit too hot. And in the winter, it’s common that the cold weather will throw us off balance. When the weather is extreme in either direction, it can have bad effects for health. So what can you do if you have signs of too much hot energy?

There are two relatively solutions for overheating, when needed:

  1. Watermelon 1-2 cups
  2. Aloe ½ cup

Both watermelon and aloe are foods that are incredibly cooling – that is, the energetic property of the food itself is cold. So either one is a good choice to neutralize too much hot energy. You may need 1, 2 or 3 doses to clear the heat out of your body, depending upon the length of time and the intensity of exposure. When I feel dizzy and out of it, I like to have chilled watermelon from the fridge. In fact, if I know we are going to be outside in the sun, I’ll keep a whole watermelon in the fridge for us to eat at the end of the day, when we get home. The kids love it, and it helps to put them back into good spirits. Watermelon is especially helpful when someone doesn’t like to drink water but needs rehydration.  Watermelon is a great solution for overheating.

Aloe juice or water is sold in different sizes and usually just a little is needed, but feel free to have a second or third dose if needed. (photo by andreeautza @ morguefile) But aloe is a really cooling food, so be conservative with it. Typically it comes sweetened – without sweetener it’s not very palatable so don’t worry too much about the added sugar – you aren’t having that much of it to drink. (unless you are diabetic or otherwise have sensitive blood sugar, in which case, treat this like juice!)

Do you need to always have these foods? No, for most people, it’s not good to have these things every day. You could push your body on to the other side of disharmony – too cold. We don’t want too hot, we don’t want too cold. We want just right. Both watermelon and aloe can damage your digestion if you take them when you don’t need them. Most digestive systems don’t prefer to be cold – they function best when warm. Remember – balance is what we’re always after!

Last week, I talked about some signs of too much hot energy in the body, which can happen if you are exposed to weather that’s too hot. If you missed it, you can see last week’s article here:

Do you think you’ve had too much heat? Have you ever had aloe? Do you prefer it over watermelon? Tell me in the comments below.


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