When is Salad not healthy?

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With the approach of summer, salads are going to be more commonly seen. But did you know that salads are not always a good option for a meal? When is salad not healthy? It depends on a few factors…

Salads can be great, but some people may notice that eating raw lettuce doesn’t quite agree with their digestive system. If eating a salad gives you the runs, or has you running to the restroom, then it’s not good for you. Having excessively soft or urgent bowel movements means that you’re not getting the nutrition out of your food. Even worse, you’re causing yourself dehydration with the process. So if you notice that eating raw lettuce sets you off, that means that you have a weak digestive system. Not all bodies are bothered by raw lettuce – but many are! (photo credit gordonwd@morguefile)

Being in good health is about balance. Lettuce is a food that has a cold nature – it’s a Chinese medicine concept of how a food reacts with your body. A lettuce is a cold food, and a chili pepper is a hot food – that’s just how the food inherently is. Your digestive system prefers to be in a warm state.   When a digestive system is strong, it can tolerate a lot of extremes. However, when a digestive system is not strong, it’s less tolerant and more sensitive. So – eating too much cold can make it suffer.  That would be a case when salad is not healthy The most common signs would be diarrhea, urgent bowel movement, and tummy pain after eating the salad (or other cold in nature food!) So if you have less than ideal digestion, a salad is generally not a good meal choice for you.

What do you think? Do you think you have weak digestion? Do you notice symptoms when you eat salad? Let me know on the below in the comments! If you do have weak digestion, it’s really important to get it treated, because it will lead to cravings and weight gain, and eventually obesity and diabetes. These are Not things we want to happen!

If you have questions, please ask me! I’m here for you; digestion is most important to maintain good body function – we need our food nutrients to be absorbed in order to use them.  So call me if you would like to improve your digestion.


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