Do you really want that baby?

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I am not sure you know this, but I’m full of tough love. I really am. And what I do is, I help my clients to treat their bodies better, so that the body is more receptive to the idea of pregnancy.

But do you know what I see a lot of the time? I’m more dedicated to the cause than my clients. This completely baffles me. I know, making changes is a hard thing. I have made lots of changes in my life, in the name of health and harmony. I’ve been through it! So I’ve got lots of tools to make those changes as easy to make happen as possible.

However, what I see often is that women say they want to get pregnant, but they get scared when I ask them to change their behaviors and habits. I get it, it’s a human reaction. But if you do the same, you should expect the same outcome.

Let’s keep in mind: fertility is a time sensitive resource. So if you’ve been struggling with trying to conceive for a while and you’re ready to do something about it, please let me know. I’m here to answer questions about to make it happen for you. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then let’s make a decision now. If not today, then when? (If you want to really give yourself a longer deadline, that’s ok. But let’s pick a date, ok?) I don’t want you to take action when it’s too late. Let’s make a difference in your health and increase your chances TODAY.

What do you think? If you have questions for me about how we would work together, just comment below and I’m happy to answer them. I read every comment.

Let’s work together to take better care of you, so that you have more resources to grow a baby with. Unfortunately, time stops for no one!

Decide to do the brave thing – get the ball rolling! I promise, I have your baby’s best interests at heart.  Comment below and ask for help!  🙂 I’m here to support you.

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