Do you have Neck Tension?

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Despite our best efforts, many of us get a lot of neck tension, and often this leads to neck pain. Neck tension will happen because we work at a keyboard and that is an unnatural position for our bodies to be in, especially for 8 hours a day. This is aggravated by the extra time we spend on our smartphones – texting, using apps and playing games. The texting body position is especially bad for the neck.

So what can you do to help temper neck tension?

  1. This is super obvious but we usually don’t do it. Make it a habit to pay your body back. It’s honestly quite torturous to have your body in a keyboard position for hours at a time. Please pay your body back by regularly stretching. How often? At least every 1.5 hours, take a stretch break! It doesn’t need to take that long.
  2. Stay hydrated. Especially in this season, being dehydrated will make it easier to get tense. How much water do you drink? It is at least 72 oz a day? Water is essential for all body functions!
  3. A gentle heating pad can help a lot with tension. But the time a person notices neck tension, it usually pretty bad. But if you work at a keyboard or are on the phone a lot, it’s a good way to help relax those muscles. This would need to be done regularly. (Since most people are at a keyboard or on their phone regularly.) Don’t have it too warm! It can be easy to burn yourself with those things.

So we know that after tension, the next step is pain. But after a while of pain, what’s next? Your nerve can start to get damaged. If your body’s telling you with pain to give our neck some attention, then it’s best to help it out with something. And we know that pills only mask the pain – they do not help the situation. If you’re at the point of daily tension or some pain, please get some help. Acupuncture is great. Usually with pain it’s a bit late to hope that stretching and heat will make it go away. If you have questions, please ask them below in the comments.


So if you or someone you know clenches their neck in discomfort, please let me know! Call me at 650-588-0888 to set up an appointment, and let’s get you back to feeling good and working well.  Did you know you can also set up an account so you can log in any time to make an appointment? Here’s the link:


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Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.

Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist

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