Mother’s Day for those TTC

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Hi Ladies. This Sunday, Mother’s Day, can be an especially tough one for you. It can definitely be rough to be reminded of the difficulties that you are going through. I just wanted to give you a reminder to be gentle on yourself. And, do consider what your needs are around this. Do you need a little alone time? Do you need some private space to express some feelings? Would you prefer to be completely distracted by keeping your schedule full?

Whatever you need to do for yourself, I hope that you are able to give yourself some time and space, or plan accordingly for your own needs.   We get a lot of messages about how we SHOULD feel, or how we SHOULDN’T think, well, I am here to say, it’s ok that you feel how you feel. Whether that’s sorry, anger, grief, something else, or a combination, your feelings are valid. And I hope that you take a little time to honor them, however you can, in whatever way works for you.

Take this rose picture as a little gift from me to you. Take it as a reminder to be tender with yourself, and that your feelings are ok to have. My heart reaches out to yours.

Next week, we’ll talk a bit more about solutions for too much heat but this week, I thought it was very pertinent to really express these thoughts of mine to you. I am a very no nonsense person, but my goal is always to be supportive and provide solutions and space for my clients. Often that space is for more self expression.

Take Care,

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Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.

Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist


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