More Migraines & Headaches in Spring

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Spring time is a time when headaches can be more prevalent. Why are there more migraines and headaches in spring?  First, let’s establish shat’s normal? No headaches, not ever. Most people that experience headaches are so used to it that they think they are supposed to get them once a week. But – no, let’s be clear. Every headache is a signal that something is wrong. Why is Spring a time when more headaches will happen? Because Spring correlates with the Liver organ, and most headaches stem from a Liver type imbalance. 

What does that mean? In Chinese medicine, our Liver takes on a lot of jobs. It works harder when we are stressed, when we are tense, and often when we have nasal allergies (among other things!) In the Spring, it’s also more sensitive – Spring is the time when the Liver will speak up if it is not feeling well. (image by stockarch@moreguefile)

Headaches, especially the ones at the top of the head, or the top of the neck, or migraines are often a symptom when the Liver is feeling unbalanced. Migraines come in many types, but most are pretty responsive to acupuncture care!

A typical treatment series for no migraine headache would be once a week for 6-8 weeks. Headaches drain energy and productivity, and put people in a bad mood all day – so while they typically are ignored, I think that it’s important that they be addressed. After the active treatment phase, we would then do maintenance care – because most of the time, stress is not avoidable and it will build up the body. Getting acupuncture every few weeks is a great way to clear the stress out of your body before it creates physical symptoms.

What about migraines? Typically migraines take 12 weeks of once a week treatment to clear out. They are more intense than a regular headache and take a bit more time to rebalance. There are many different types but most respond well to treatment. Treating migraines is one of my favorite things because it makes a huge improvement in quality of life when migraines are eliminated or greatly reduced. The benefit is amazing for the patient. After those 12 weeks, usually it’s a good idea to do maintenance care – to keep the body from falling out of balance again. Typically once a month or so is adequate, unless there is a lot of stress.

What do you think? Do you know someone with headaches or migraines? Maybe they’d be interested in reading this email! If you have questions, please ask them in the comments below!


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Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.

Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist

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