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Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude for Good Health & Bone Broth Recipe


Hello there, and Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope that you are taking a bit of time over this glorious four day weekend to rest and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Can I confess that once upon a time I wondered if maybe I should work on the Friday after Thanksgiving. And then I realized… this is one of the few four day weekends of the year. Just take a few days off!


So, I hope that you are doing the same, and spending some time relaxing this long weekend. Make it a priority to spend some time doing something that YOU enjoy doing. Also do spend some time being grateful for all of the wonderful things that you have.   While you are doing these things, you can have bone broth cooking in your crock pot or on your stove top.


Bone Broth is really easy to make. There is a lot of room for experimentation. For this cold season, I encourage the addition of ginger, onion, and or rosemary into the recipe. You can change around what you put in, and add in whatever left over vegetables that you happen to have – if you have some celery hearts or a few carrots, or some parsley, feel free to throw it in!


Bone Broth Recipe


In a crock pot, throw in:

Turkey Carcass: (can include bones, meat, neck, giblets, leftover drippings, turkey stuffing ingredients. Since I make champagne turkey, I have a lot of drippings and all of this goes into my broth.) You can also put in any other bones that you have around.

Vegetables: (I suggest a quartered onion, two carrots cut into 2-4 pieces and your leftover celery heart, cut in half to shorten it)

Herbs/Seasonings: (I like about 1 tablespoons of parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme), some ground pepper (maybe 12 turns), and garlic.

Optional: leftover wine, some chicken broth (maybe one can)


Stovetop: Put all ingredients into a pot and then cover with water. Bring to a boil for 15 minutes, then simmer for 3-4 hours or longer. Strain and serve.


Crockpot: Put all ingredients into a crockpot and cock on low overnight or a bit longer. Strain and serve.


A Crockpot is preferred because the long, slow simmer really pulls out the minerals in the turkey bones. The longer this cooks, the better is it for you. The flavor should have a lot of depth, and if you have enough left over to put in the fridge, then it should gelatinize with cold. That’s perfectly normal and it’s a great sign that the minerals were really effectively pulled out of the bones. After Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make bone broth because it helps to strengthen the Kidney system, which often needs help in the Winter time. Winter is a perfect time for bone broth. It strengthens very strongly from the inside out. Winter is the time of internal work. I like to kick off the coming of Winter with some warm, nourishing bone broth. It’s a good idea to save your bones during the winter and make bone broth every so often. It helps to conserve energy for yourself during the harsher months.


There are many ways to internally strengthen yourself. Bone broth is one way. Herbal medicine is another way. And acupuncture is a third way. In the colder weather, it’s important to take good care of your health. It can reflect upon your health for the coming year and beyond if you don’t do a good job.


Enjoy your bone broth! Let me know what you think on the blog:

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