Are you feeling Spring Symptoms?

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Fountain Of Youth: Are you feeling Spring Symptoms?

A daffodil displays the shape of Spring energy, up and out, like a firework!

A daffodil displays the shape of Spring energy, up and out, like a firework!


Hello! How are you doing? I have to admit, I have been a little “under the weather”. The wind and the unpredictable rain have me feeling a bit out of sorts. This year, the Spring energy seems to be really intense and quite chaotic. It’s really typical for spring energy to be intense – the energetic movement or spring is like that of a seed sprouting – upwards and outwards, in a burst of sudden and inspired activity! But this Spring, for whatever reason, has also been really chaotic. This has lead to many of my patients feeling Liver symptoms.


What are Liver symptoms that typically occur if there is an imbalance? Well, there are many. Here are the most typical spring symptoms:


Nasal Allergies

Headaches (all kinds)

Eye symptoms





Why are these spring symptoms more likely to happen this season? Spring time relates to the Liver in Chinese medicine, and so Liver type symptoms are more likely to pop up in the Spring season, when Spring energy activates the Liver.  A Liver that is less in balance and less healthy does not manage the abundance of Spring energy that well.


A healthy Liver will respond to spring energy with inspired action. A healthy Liver provides up with then energy to organize and do spring cleaning. It gives you the capacity to have a great vision of what could happen this year. A healthy Liver helps to make good decisions easily. A Liver out of balance will display spring symptoms.


Do you wonder what the actual functions of the Liver are? I’ll go over that next week!


Until then,

To Your Health!


-Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist, Fertility Coach


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