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I have assisted hundreds of clients, with various kinds of internal complaints, so it’s quite likely I’ve encountered a problem very similar to, if not just like, yours!

It can be frustrating to have organs that don’t do their job properly. I get it. Your health condition is stubborn. Maybe it’s keeping your from enjoying life. It’s certainly distracting you and taking away some of your energy. Maybe you are trying hard to avoid medications. Medications don’t usually solve the sub optimal function problem—they MASK the symptoms, temporarily! Perhaps you are incredibly unhappy with some of the side effects that can happen from taking medications, or you are being wise and avoiding the medications because you know of the side effects that could occur! I know what that’s like, and I’ve helped hundreds of people to move past that point.

You wonder if there’s something else that you could do about your health condition, how can you help it to improve? On a more permanent basis? How can you promote real healing in your body without causing great disruptions in your body chemistry? It’s perfectly natural to feel frustrated about chronic health conditions, and to feel like it’s draining your energy and zest for life.

My client Nicole says of her acupuncture experience:

Dorothy is extremely knowledgeable about how to optimize health in the human body. She also really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen to what is happening in her client’s lives. Her surprisingly gentle touch coupled with the soothing eye pillows and calming music she provides all blend together to create an environment of relaxation and healing. I have had more energy, overall health, and gained more knowledge about my body and my health from my sessions with Dorothy than with any other acupuncturist before.

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When your internal organs are not doing their job properly, this can apply to many different systems. It could happen in the respiratory system to the lungs, to the circulatory system in the heart, the digestive system in the stomach or intestines, and in the immune system. Other variations are also possible, and the common thread? Medications can’t really get organs to do their job better. It’s something that Western medicine really struggles with. There are not many effective medications that promote good organ function.

The exact expression of low functioning organs will vary a lot, but some organs and their presentations would be:

Weak Lungs: Asthma, Allergies, Shortness of Breath
Weak Digestive system: Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Constipation, and Chronic Loose Stool, Constant Sweet Cravings
Irregular Heart Patterns: Irregular Heartbeat
Immune Dysfunction: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Easily gets Sick

How would we increase organ function? This is an area that Chinese Medicine excels at! It was created to optimize health, and what’s super important is the educational process around it. Most of us are not taught about the proper way to care for our body, and even if we were, it was probably very perfunctory at best. What you really need is to support for your organs to get back to functioning well, and then some personalized self care advice, so that you can take great care of your body and learn what to do to maximize your health. Treatment is unique in our office because when possible, we suggest at home care for our client’s specific body type needs. Each body is different, and best care practices for one body will not necessarily be the same as best care practice for the next body.

Once that is identified, it will guide treatment. Treatment is more effective when it is administered to the right location. So, after identifying what caused the problem, we can figure out how to most effectively treat the problem. When we can identify the root cause, we can work to strengthen the health of your body, or find out if there are things that you are doing daily that are aggravating the problem, that you were not aware of!

So, our goals are to increase your level of health and organ function, prevent the problem from getting worse, AND reduce the pain that you are currently feeling. What makes treatment with Dorothy Pang, L.Ac. different from other providers? Great communications, to make sure that you understand what is going on with your health. Also, you learn how to care for your body properly, to improve health and keep it from sliding back into a bad pattern. Better health means less chance of symptoms popping up!

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Dorothy Pang, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist that has helps hundreds of people to heal their overall health. Internal organs respond incredibly well to gentle acupuncture treatment, and I make sure that your acupuncture experience is as enjoyable as possible. I also offer very effective needle-free acupuncture. Are you still afraid? You are not alone, and you don’t have to be! Read my client Kristy’s testimonial . . .

I am basking now in the afterglow of treatment number two. I feel light and tingly and energized. I am truly frightened of needles, but Dorothy’s touch is gentle, and the space she’s created is serene. After my first treatment, my partner and I could already see a difference in my face.

I recommend Dorothy if you’ve never had acupuncture before because she offers educational information about what she’s doing while she does it. I also recommend her to the seasoned Traditional Chinese Medicine enthusiast. Her service and knowledge are top notch.

Many clients are nervous for their first time, but they always leave more relaxed than when they came in, and most just float on out . . . they are so relaxed! I use a very gentle Japanese style acupuncture method, and if you are still nervous, needle-free acupuncture is pain free and works just about as well as acupuncture for improving chronic health conditions.

If you are ready for real healing to take place, if you would like to have a body that functions better, and complains less, then give me a call. I would love to help you to feel less pain and more energy. Most clients also sleep like a rock the night of their session, and they love that! Schedule online now with our online scheduling system, or call us at (650) 588-0888. I’d love to help you to feel better.