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Last week we talked about how many people have bad digestion and that can lead to obesity and

diabetes. No one wants that. But what can we do about it? If it’s a minor case, perhaps some dietary changes can put your body back on the right track. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to go on a diet. Your choice of beverage can be used to augment your health! Find out what drink can benefit your digestion if it is weak!

It’s Spleen season – the 6 weeks near the solstices and the equinoxes, so the Spleen is more prone to weakness at this time of year. The Spleen is in charge of digestion, so have you noticed a more delicate digestives system lately? I definitely have! I love the summer and the spring, but I guess the transition between the two is rough on my body this year. How do I know? (cup of tea by diannehope at morguefile)

Possible symptoms of a weak Spleen:
Soft stool
Urgent bowel movement
Stomach ache after eating
Gas or bloating

Personally, I just have a bit of discomfort after eating. My appetite is not as good as normal. It’s nothing terrible, but a weak Spleen will mean that general energy levels will be lower, too. And that never feels good!

So what do I do when I notice a bit of Spleen weakness? I change my morning drink. I will change from my usual to a morning chai tea. Chia tea has a quality of benefitting a weak Spleen. The herbs in chai tea are warming to the Spleen, to return it to balance. So it’s great for tummies that are feeling weak. You can do decaf if you don’t want the caffeine – the benefit comes from the spices, not the actual tea leaf content. Chai tea comes in many different blends – there are different herbs and proportions that are used to make chai tea, so if you don’t like the first one you try, then try another one! Some have ginger, some have cardamom, some have cinnamon. You’re likely to find one that you like if you keep looking.

Do you think your tummy is feeling weak lately like mine is? Maybe try some chai tea and let me know how you feel about it! It can be a really useful healing drink. Let me know your questions or comments on the blog here: LINK

If a cup of chai tea in the morning is not enough to control your symptoms, acupuncture is great to benefit the digestion. Call me at 650-588-0888 if you’d like a free consult – I’ll do tongue and pulse diagnosis to see how you are doing!

Ok, until next week….

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Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.
Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist

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