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Knee pain is a very common complaint, especially in an aging population. Gentle acupuncture has been shown to be of great help to those who are suffering from this condition. Knee pain is unlikely to simply go away on it’s own since the knee is a complicated and often delicate structure which we use daily.

I went to see Dorothy because of knee pains (I refused to take any medication for it). At the rate my knees were hurting I figured I’d be able to run only for 3-4 more months, which would have been disastrous as I am battling osteoporosis and need to do weight bearing exercises (not to mention that I walk up and down 3 flights of stairs daily). After over a month of treatment, my knees are about 90% painless, and it looks like I will be able to continue running for many more years to come. I am very, very pleased with how my knees have improved.” —Veronica, Daly City

Dorothy Pang, L.Ac., says, “We get great results with knee pain, a common problem. Our treatments are gentle and relaxing, and we’ve never had a negative side effect from them. I would highly recommend acupuncture as a first line of treatment for this condition. It is also important to address this condition sooner rather than later. Rebuilding the knee is much more difficult when there is greater damage.”

Knee pain is typically a degenerative disorder. This means that when untreated, knees typically get worse with time. It is important to treat this problem as soon as possible.

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