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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and IntraUterine Injection (IUI, Clomid)

Give your family the best chance possible and protect your investment. Studies show that acupuncture increases the rate of embryo implantation in conjunction with assisted reproductive technology. Dedicated to providing the best care for your family, we are experienced in providing coordinating care in conjunction with IVF, IUI, and/or Clomid (clomiphene). We also treat surrogates.

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Fertility doctors have told our patients that the implantation procedure is often much smoother for patients that are getting acupuncture treatments when compared to those who are not. The cervix is usually much more relaxed in these cases, which makes the procedure easier on both the doctor and the patient.

Dorothy Pang has had extensive experience in working with fertility enhancement in conjunction with IVF, IUI, and Clomid. She suggests beginning acupuncture care before seeking Assisted Reproductive Technology services, so that the services can be coordinated appropriately.

Dr. Dorothy says, “All of our future mothers are surprised at how great the experience is. They often seek care out of necessity but find that they love the acupuncture experience. We work hard to create an environment that inspires re-balancing, an important component of the fertility enhancement process. Treatment of infertility can be a difficult process. We’re here to help make it as successful and pleasant as possible.”

One study, run by German researchers, showed that acupuncture can increase the success of IVF by almost 50%.

[box]acuspa-lotus-iconSince IVF is such an expensive and time consuming procedure, it makes sense to make sure that parents have the best chance possible. Call today (650) 588-0888 to begin preparation, to give your family the best opportunity possible.[/box]