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Having loose stools is a clear message that your body is not functioning correctly. It can be painful, inconvenient, and incredibly embarrassing. Urgency to use the restroom and stools that are not well formed are neither normal nor healthy. These are signs of a more significant problem with the body. Our digestive system supplies for us all of our energy and nutrients, and if it’s not working, then we’re not getting what we need out of our food. This can lead to many other symptoms, like low energy, accelerated aging, and weight gain.

When I saw Dr. Dorothy and my stools regularized and solidified, I lost 18 pounds without even trying. I also have much more energy, and I’ve been inspired to begin a new diet to even further my weight loss.
—Jennifer, San Mateo

Dorothy Pang’s passion is good digestion. Good digestion is required to get the basic building blocks our bodies need. If loose bowels occur, that means that the body hasn’t had the time to pull all of the nutrients out of the food that we eat. You are essentially short changing yourself of valuable nutrients.

Dr. Dorothy says, “Many people think that diarrhea or loose stools are not a big deal, but they really are. Clients don’t realize until they are cured what they have been missing. I have had clients report to me more energy, better concentration, and even the return of black hair from white! When our bodies can’t get the vitamins and minerals we need from our food and supplements, we can age much faster. This means we can give clients back their youth – mentally and physically.”

Recent studies show that acupuncture has the ability to change stool frequency and consistency for people with diarrhea. A study done at Columbia University showed that acupuncture helps even those with severely compromised health to normalize their bowels.

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