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Colitis is a serious condition that affects many Americans. Symptoms can vary in presentation, but it is often a degenerating condition. Bleeding and pain are often not controlled well with Western medical care, and so patients seek alternative treatments. Gentle acupuncture is a natural way to treat this condition, restoring balance and harmony to the digestive system. Life without urgency and pain is often achieved relatively quickly.

For many years, I have been treated for ulcerative colitis. Despite using a prescription drug, two other issues still concerned me: the urgent need for restroom facilities and the frequent need for restroom facilities. My need for and use of restroom facilities has decreased, and I am now feeling less anxious about these issues. I have had a very positive experience using acupuncture as an additional treatment. I am now able to go on long road trips without needing to know where each restroom is along the way.
—David, San Bruno

Dorothy Pang specializes in the treatment of digestive disorders. She has helped countless people to normalize their digestion, giving them their lives back. Clients often find they can accomplish more because of higher energy and can enjoy life more because of lowered anxiety and no pain.

Dr. Dorothy says, “It’s very important to realize the severity that this disease can reach. I encourage patients to seek care sooner rather than later to avoid surgery. Colitis, when treated with regular Western medicine, will still often result in the need for removal of the colon. Also, the less time a colon spends inflamed, the less likely cancer is to develop. Gentle acupuncture is a great treatment option.”

Patients report less pain, urgency and frequency with treatment. Preliminary studies show support that acupuncture works to balance out the immune response, presumed to be associated with less inflammation. For info click here and here.

[box]Don’t let colitis progress any further and take away from your life any longer. This condition does not go away untreated, and surgery is a very real possibility of late stage disease. Lower your risk of cancer and seek treatment today. You deserve to get your life back. Call us at (650) 588-0888 to set up an appointment today.[/box]