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Effective with Nicotine, Alcohol, and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Typically, a client needs just two treatments to jumpstart her or her quit smoking goal. This is the usual amount of time that it takes the body to metabolize nicotine. This means that with just two treatments, you can be on your way to a healthier life. Goals of treatment are to relax the client and to ease the suffering of physical cravings.

Treatment involves a combination of acupuncture and micro-stimulation. Together, these therapies allow deep relaxation of the body and settle the spirit. Clients leave the clinic feeling relaxed and mellow. Treatments are best started on a Monday morning. Clients are advised to try not to smoke for 12 hours before treatments. This maximizes the effects that will be received through acupuncture. Some people may need a treatment on the third day, if their body is slow to metabolize nicotine.

Acupuncture does not make it effortless to quit, but clients do report that cravings are easier to manage. They also learn to be more aware of their body and of when they feel stress. They then work to consciously develop different ways to deal with stress.