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Did you know that you can boost testosterone naturally? Testosterone levels will typically drop as men age, and while it’s common, it’s not a good thing for health. And, we can slow or reverse it with acupuncture or herbal medicine.

What are the side effects of low testosterone?

-lower bone density

-less motivation

-less energy

-less confidence

-lower sex drive

-decreased sexual function


So, yes our bodies tend to decline over age. But, can we slow the decline? Often, the answer is yes! The symptom that really stood to me is depression. This is something that is diagnosed SO often and the prescription medications usually come with terrible side effects. I have personally always wondered about this symptom/disorder. (image credit clarita @morguefile)

Depression can of course be from different causes. But if it’s just physical and hormonal, then of course a medication that’s designed for the alleviation of emotional symptoms, there are other symptoms that will be left untreated.  Testosterone has many functions, and one of the things it’s been noted to affect is “zip”, drive, or interest.  Testosterone keeps people motivated and interested.  So, if you boost testosterone, you could help with many different emotional symptoms.

There was also a study recently that showed that in the US, testosterone levels are on the decline over time. Link  That is, a 60 year old now statistically has less testosterone than the typical 60-year-old 10 years ago, and he has less than a 60 year old male 20 years ago. Since infertility is a specialty of mine, I find this super interesting! While I have theories as to why, this particular study did not have a suggestion why. So we know that it’s happening: testosterone levels are lower than they ever were, and they are lowering with age, as well. And considering all of the side effects, its something to really consider tackling, as a huge quality of life improvement.

I’ve seen it happen in office: regular acupuncture over time will see a boost in testosterone. Or, alternatively Chinese herbal medicine can be used to increase low testosterone levels. (This is dependent on having a well functioning digestive system!) So do you have questions? I’d love to answer them! Ask on the blog below in the comments

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-Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.

Fertility Coach & Acupuncturist

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