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Does Acupuncture Hurt?

In short, no. Dorothy Pang practices a gentle technique, and acupuncture needles are much smaller than hypodermic (injection) needles.

Our clients find the whole experience to be very relaxing. Since the needles used are so fine, often clients can’t tell that they have been put in. Since the needles are not used to inject anything, they are about the size of a human hair, 1/100th the size of an injection needle. Dorothy Pang specializes in virtually pain-free acupuncture, integrating the techniques that are as comfortable as possible. Once the needles are in, the area may begin to feel slightly heavy or warm. The client may feel a sensation of movement through the area. After the session, some feel an endorphin rush, but most everyone feels more relaxed than when they walked in. Our brains react to acupuncture by letting go of stress and promoting deep relaxation.

The skill level with which a practitioner inserts the needle has a big effect on the amount of pain or lack thereof that will be perceived by the patient. Some practitioners use a very aggressive technique that can feel more rough, while others use a gentle, subtle insertion that is nearly sensation-less. The particular person that you see will have a great effect on the amount of pain you will feel in an acupuncture session. If you find you have a single experience that is unpleasant, don’t give up! Please do shop around for a practitioner with a skilled needling technique, which can make a big difference in the level of relaxation, and healing that you can achieve with a treatment session. Acupuncture, typically speaking, does not need to hurt!

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Oprah Winfrey says “It’s really not that bad.” She doesn’t think it hurts either.

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