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About Dorothy Pang, L.Ac., Acupuncturist & The Natural Fertility Expert

Dorothy Pang is dedicated to improving your life with great health.

dorothy-pang-profile-transparentHi there!  I’m Dorothy, and I help my clients to feel better.  That often means that I use my “no feeling” super gentle acupuncture technique to lessen pain and enhance function.  Often that also means figuring out what’s really bothering my clients and getting to the root of the problem.  I love finding practical solutions to everyday health issues.  Do you have pain? Sleep badly? Have low energy?  How can I help you to feel better?

I am commited to dedicating my professional life to helping people with are suffering with a natural, body-friendly method. Read the Full Interview


You could be experiencing results like these . . .

I have been complaining to Kaiser about pain in my right knee and right shoulder for the last 6 months. It was an off and on pain at first, but after my back spasm in April, the pain was constant.

I’ve done it all—Advil, Tiger Balm, massages and physical therapy. I was still in pain. Then I saw Dorothy on Yelp and I had to try it.

After experiencing it, I am now a firm believer of acupuncture. Who would have known that sticking needles in …

Aura J.

Latest from the Fountain of Youth

The lastest news from Dorothy Pang's blog and eZine "The Fountain of Youth"


    3 Fall Strategies to Boost Immune System Function

    3 Fall Strategies for a Stronger Immune System

    3 Fall Strategies for a Stronger Immune System

    Can you feel that Fall weather is starting to settle in a bit? The air is a bit crisper, and that famous PSL is making it’s yearly appearance. School is in session – my Ben is now a Kindergardener!   Fall is a great season – there are so many good things about it. I love the fashion, and I love pumpkins. Ben’s favorite holiday is Halloween – we will celebrate for all of October! But one NOT so good thing – Fall is a bad time for immunity. (read more…)

  • Fountain of Youth: Is your life fulfilling?

    Can you plan a more fulfilling life?

    Can you plan a more fulfilling life?

    My little Ben has started Kindergarden – can you believe it? He’s five years old! He is so proud of himself, and I’m so proud of him too. He is an avid learner and strives to better himself each day. I have watched him practice his drawing and it improves little by little.

    And it got me thinking – what would I like to see improvements in, in myself? What qualities do I admire in other people that I would like to experience more of myself? How can I have a more fulfilling life?

    It’s September now, a new month, and my planner has a end month review, with the idea that we can work to improve ourselves little by little, if we are aware and make it a priority to do so.


    So I pose these questions to you:

    What do you feel are your values?

    What are some steps that you can take to live more of your values?


    Can I give you an example?

    One of my personal values is beauty, and art.

    A solid way to get more of that into my life …

    1. Visit the Filoli garden in the next 4 weeks and take some flower pictures (2-3 hour trip, total)
    2. Schedule in some time to sketch my next acrylic painting (1-2 hours total)


    Another example…

    Another of my personal values is good health.

    A solid way to get more of that into my life….

    1. Drink 24 oz of water while I’m at work.
    2. Eat 1 or more fruits before lunch.

    If I take these actions, I will feel like I’m living a more fulfilling life. I definitely feel good when I’ve made some time for art.  It’s about putting it on the calendar!

    So may I ask you to share? What one or two of your values that you feel could use more expression in your schedule? And how can you get more of that into your life?

    And here’s an important thing to consider… If you don’t have a lot of energy, then you can’t live a life of conscious decisions. Lots of people just kind of wander through life without direction and intention. But it takes ENERGY to be conscious and intentional. Do you need to find some more energy so that you can lead a more fulfilling life? Because, that’s the core of it. Making choices that align with your values mean that you’re living a life that is more fulfilling for you.

    Are you living your values? Share with me what that looks like for you! Comment below!

    If you need more energy so that you can make the decision to create a more fulfilling life, then please let me know. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help. Log in anytime to schedule an appointment for a free consultation or an acupuncture session!


    Take care, and have a fulfilling day!

    To your health,


    Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.

    Acupuncturist & Health Coach

  • Acupuncture for the overwhelmed

    How long is your to do list?

    How long is your to do list?

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of patients that are juggling a lot. Do you know the feeling? Life can get so complicated. There is job, the family that you live with, the family and friends that you keep in touch with, maybe pets and perhaps children to take care of… How does one person do it all?

    Typically, the person I’m talking about is a woman, because, even the surveys will prove it, the woman in the household usually does a lot more of the chores: cooking, cleaning, schedule keeping, party planning, than the man does. Despite the fact that they both may work full time, outside of the home jobs. (read more…)

  • Ben looks like a superhero. kat glassesProtect your eyes!

    I hope that you are doing well. Are you getting outside to enjoy our lovely summer weather? How that you know how to stay cool by using the right beverage selection, remember to also look cool and protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses when you’re in sunlight.

    I don’t always wear sunglasses when I’m outside, but I do try to remember if I’m going to be outside for a few hours to bring them along. Also, you can look super cool, like Ben and Kat do when they wear their sunglasses. (read more…)

  • Do you have questions about acupuncture or Chinese medicine?  I’m looking for your questions to answer in a monthly video Q&A that I’d like to start doing. So if you have questions, please comment below with them!  Ask me anything, don’t be shy.  One of the skills that I strive for is to be able to explain medical problems to every day people in plain, simply English.  I think that understanding what is going on with your body, and why, is key to motivating people to create positive, healthy change in their lives.  I want to help you to look, feel and do better in your every day life! (read more…)