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Interview with Dorothy Pang, L.Ac., Acupuncturist & The Natural Fertility Expert

Dorothy Pang is dedicated to her clients' whole health

dorothy-pang-profile-transparentWhen my clients leave my office, I am proud to say that they feel better than when they came in. Whether it’s pain that they were feeling, or digestive irregularities, I know that they leave feeling relief from their body complaints, AND that they are actually healthier than before they came in. I’ve seen this change happen to hundreds and hundreds of people.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to treating people with are suffering with a natural, body-friendly method. Read the Full Interview


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Dorothy Pang Acupuncture is a great place to get treated for any ailment. It’s been my experience that Dorothy is a true professional. She’s punctual & her interaction with patients is personable. She really listens to your health problems & comes up with a treatment plan tailored for your own body.

As a person who’s terrified of needles, I would rather receive an acupuncture treatment by Dorothy than see my own physican. Why? Her treatments WO…

Julie F.

Latest from the Fountain of Youth

The lastest news from Dorothy Pang's blog and eZine "The Fountain of Youth"

  • Common ColdHi there! How are you doing? I hope that you are feeling healthy and vibrant! Unfortunately, recently my little Benjamin came down with a case of the common cold. He had what he called, “The Biggest Goobers in the World”. If you find yourself with a case of the common cold, there are some foods that it is helpful to avoid, at least while you have excessive mucous. In the office, I use acupuncture to treat the common cold; this has a great efficacy rate as long as the cold has just started – it’s best when you get acupuncture when you’re just a little bit sniffly or feeling a little bit off.


    However, once you have definitely caught a cold, acupuncture can help to relieve the symptoms and get you feeling better faster, letting you regain your normal level of energy and productivity faster. If the cold has taken hold, herbs can also be used to knock it out quickly. However… good luck getting a toddler to take yuck herbs! Haha. So Ben got needle-less acupuncture but it was a bit late. He caught the cold and so while he was suffering I modified his diet to minimize the following three mucous encouraging foods: Cold Foods, Dairy, and Sugar.

    (read more…)

  • bikini bodyHello there! How are you? I hope that you are feeling healthy and well. It’s now late May, and soon swimsuit season will be upon us. Usually this isn’t something that I’m super concerned about, but I did have a baby last August, so I’ve seen that my body looks different now. For me personally, at this point, my weight is the same as pre-baby (yay, breastfeeding!), but the shape of my body is a little bit different.
    Summer is also… wedding season! And, while that is wonderful, if you have a wedding to attend, that is a little extra pressure to look good, because you know there will be lots of people taking pictures! But anyhow, I recently had a very interesting question from a patient, and I think that it is worth discussing. He is a bit older, in his late 60’s, and I was suggesting that he start exercising in a very small way: 10 minutes of slow paced walking a day. He was perfectly willing to try it, as I had been able to help him manage some back, hip, and foot pain that had been keeping him from moving around much. The next week, he was really surprised at how much better he felt in general. He was surprised about the change from only ten minutes of exercise! (read more…)

  • Do you have complete health?

    Do you have complete health?

    Hello! How are you? I hope that you are doing well physically, emotionally, and psychologically! Did you know, it’s my goal to bring my patients to not only physical, but also emotional and psychological balance and wellness? I would define wellness in all three areas as perfect health.

    Yes, sometimes it’s quite a task. For example, often someone will come in for neck pain, and after talking to them I find out that they also have lower back pain, anxiety, insomnia, frequent urination, and indigestion. Sometimes, there is a really long laundry list of symptoms that their body is complaining with.

    So what do I do? I ask the patient to choose their #1 complaint, and then I try to see how many other complaints I can also treat in their session, along with the #1 complaint. Usually I can treat 3 complaints at once, sometimes more if they are related in a Chinese medicine way.

    (read more…)

  • HerbsHello! How are you? I hope that you are feeling happy and healthy on this fine Spring day. I thought I’d do something a little different today and throw in a little personal information this week. You probably know by now that I carry Chinese herbal medicine in my acupuncture clinic. You might even know that I use them to treat a variety of physical and emotional complaints.


    You might also wonder: Dorothy, when do you, the acupuncturist and herbalist, decide personally to take herbs yourself?


    I thought this might be a really interesting answer for you to hear. I take herbs when I feel that it’s necessary. But – that might not be when YOU may think. I would like to be really real here with you and let you know that I am not perfectly healthy. J I have dry skin, not matter how much water I drink or lotion I use. I also have vision that is slightly less than 20/20. But you know what my MOST COMMON complaint that I treat with herbal medicine in myself is? Drumroll please….

    (read more…)

  • Sleeping KatHello! I hope that things are going smoothly for you lately. I like to explore seasonal wellness topics and lately I’ve been noticing that the sun is coming up earlier than before. Of course that happens every year in the Spring. So maybe it’s the inconsistent sleep schedule of taking care of little ones, but this year I’m feeling it. (I hate to blame anything on again. Yes, our organs slow down a bit but that’s why we should take good care of our selves!)
    Sometimes I get this question: How much sleep do I need? The answer is not universal, it definitely depends. Some people DO need more sleep than others. However, most people need about 8-9 hours of sleep a night.   Sleep is essential to healing and fertility. It’s essential to good health. A body in disrepair cannot function at it’s best.

    But here’s something else to consider – that your sleep needs may vary with the season. It’s very possible that in the Winter time, your body wants more sleep than in the Summer time. I think it’s normal to feel more sluggish in the Winter, and then once Spring is really in the air, to generally feel more peppy.   It’s nature. We have more sunshine. There is more food to eat, and it’s easier to find. These things make it easier to do more, and give us more reason to be awake.

    (read more…)