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Have you been trying to conceive for several months or longer? Are you having trouble getting pregnant? Are you worried about infertility? Are you wondering if you are normal? Are infertility concerns causing you anxiety?

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About Dorothy Pang, L.Ac., Acupuncturist & The Natural Fertility Expert

Dorothy Pang is dedicated to improving your life with great health.

dorothy-pang-profile-transparentHi there!  I’m Dorothy, and I help my clients to feel better.  That often means that I use my “no feeling” super gentle acupuncture technique to lessen pain and enhance function.  Often that also means figuring out what’s really bothering my clients and getting to the root of the problem.  I love finding practical solutions to everyday health issues.  Do you have pain? Sleep badly? Have low energy?  How can I help you to feel better?

I am commited to dedicating my professional life to helping people with are suffering with a natural, body-friendly method. Read the Full Interview


You could be experiencing results like these . . .

I went to see Dorothy because of knee pains (I refused to take any medication for it). At the rate my knees were hurting I figured I’d be able to run only for 3-4 more months which would have been disastrous as I am battling osteoporosis and need to do weight bearing exercises (not to mention that I walk up and down 3 flights of stairs daily). After over a month of treatment, my knees are about 90% painless and it looks like I will be able to con…


Latest from the Fountain of Youth

The lastest news from Dorothy Pang's blog and eZine "The Fountain of Youth"

  • 3 Strategies for Insomnia


    Does acupuncture help with insomnia?

    Does acupuncture help with insomnia?

    or … Does Acupuncture help with Insomnia?


    Lately in the office, I’ve heard a lot of insomnia complaints. It happens, there is often a pattern in how these things express. (read more…)

  • Fountain of Youth:

    Allergies, hypertension & high cholesterol, oh my!

    Liver Energy expresses up and out.

    Liver Energy expresses up and out.

    Hello there!


    How are you? Are you enjoying our Spring weather? I love to encourage my patients to spend time outside! It’s always great for stress relief. But, do you experience allergies? In that case, time outside may not be all good.

    So what do allergies, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have in common? … (read more…)

  • Is Anger Effecting your Liver?

    Is Anger Effecting your Liver?

    What are the signs of an imbalanced Liver? Do you have an Angry Liver?


    Hello! How are you doing lately? I hope that you are well, and that your body is adjusting well to the Spring season. We’ve recently had Spring Solstice, and so actually, around the solstice and equinox, during the seasonal change, the Spleen organ is most susceptible to damage. Now, we are pretty firmly rooted in Spring season proper, so we are in Liver time. (read more…)

  • Time for a Spring Cleanse


    Spring cleanse

    Spring cleanse

    How are you doing this fine spring day? Since Spring equinox just happened over the weekend, this is a good time to eat more lightly in general, and to perhaps do a gentle Spring cleanse.


    Why is Spring the optimal time for a cleanse? (read more…)

  • Fountain Of Youth: Are you feeling Spring Symptoms?

    A daffodil displays the shape of Spring energy, up and out, like a firework!

    A daffodil displays the shape of Spring energy, up and out, like a firework!


    Hello! How are you doing? I have to admit, I have been a little “under the weather”. The wind and the unpredictable rain have me feeling a bit out of sorts. This year, the Spring energy seems to be really intense and quite chaotic. It’s really typical for spring energy to be intense (read more…)