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Interview with Dorothy Pang, L.Ac., Acupuncturist & The Natural Fertility Expert

Dorothy Pang is dedicated to her clients' whole health

dorothy-pang-profile-transparentWhen my clients leave my office, I am proud to say that they feel better than when they came in. Whether it’s pain that they were feeling, or digestive irregularities, I know that they leave feeling relief from their body complaints, AND that they are actually healthier than before they came in. I’ve seen this change happen to hundreds and hundreds of people.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to treating people with are suffering with a natural, body-friendly method. Read the Full Interview


You could be experiencing results like these . . .

I am a frequent traveler to the South Bay Area on business and tend to be very active. On a recent trip out I injured my wrist while snowboarding and had a nagging pain that wasn’t well treated by over the counter medication. A friend directed me towards Dorothy Pang after being previously treated by her. Giving acupuncture a chance was the best move I have made in a long time. Upon meeting her I was struck by her professionalism and knowledge. S…

Cameron B.

Latest from the Fountain of Youth

The lastest news from Dorothy Pang's blog and eZine "The Fountain of Youth"

  • summer heatHello! I hope that you are feeling well and thriving. Summer heat season is strongly upon us, are you paying attention to your body so that you can mitigate it’s effects on you and preserve your health? On July 23rd, I wrote about summer heat and possible signs that it’s effecting your health. Are you wondering what you can do about it? If you find yourself feeling heat signs for more than a day or two, you’ll want to take care of it before it settles more deeply into your body. So give me a call about some acupuncture and herbal medicine if you can’t rebalance your body yourself. Both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are great at rebalancing a body that has been struck by summer heat. Here’s the article about summer heat signs.


    What can you do to help keep in balance despite summer heat? There are a two things to keep in mind:

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  • FertilityHello! How are you? I hope that you are doing well. You know, one of the things that I find interesting is that there is always something more to learn about yourself. I always strive for self-improvement, it’s simply in my nature. And I know that self understanding is vital as a first step towards self improvement. Lately, it has occurred to me that, as a people pleaser, I’ve been too nice in the office.


    Let me tell you a secret… I want people to like me. However, this is sometimes a problem if they are a fertility client. Of course, this can happen with any one, but lately it’s been the fertility coaching clients that have come to mind. I think it’s my job, as your acupuncturist, to let you know how your body is doing. Also, part of letting you know how your body is doing, is giving your honest feedback on what I’m observing is going on.

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  • Hot evilHi there! I hope that you are well. I love “Evil” time. It’s such a funny translation. We are well into Hot (or Heat) Evil season, and I’m guessing that you have had a chance to personally experience some of it’s symptoms by now! Let’s learn more about how to live our lives in a balanced, healthy way, with an ultimate goal of having a long, comfortable life.


    “Evils” are a fun Chinese medicine concept. They are things that can throw off our body balance and therefore make us sick. Evils are culturally taught in the household, and most Chinese homes are very aware of “Heat Evils” and it’s signs and symptoms. Why is that? Heat evil very easily upsets body balance and quickly effects good health. However, if dealt with quickly, heat evil can also quickly dissipate. Heat evil reacts quickly to treatment with acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine.

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  • unhealthy_saladHi! I hope that you are taking some time to enjoy the intense energy of summer. I find it’s important to take some time to enjoy the outdoors, and for most this is the best time of year to do so. The drought means things are less green, but there are still flowers to be enjoyed!


    Lately, I’ve had this conversation many, many times with patients that think that they are eating “healthier”. I’ve been seeing a lot of Spleen damage in the office lately. It made me think about why this might be happening. This summer weather seems to encourage people to eat more salads. I think that, by itself, is a natural reaction, and generally speaking, eating salads in the summer time is probably a balancing act.   The weather is hot, so balancing the external heat with cooling foods actually is not a bad idea.  But can you have an unhealthy salad?

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  • overthinkingHi there!

    I hope that you are feeling vibrant and fabulous! I know that I do when summer time rolls around. If you’re not, give me a call. The warmth and energy in the air should have you feeling good, and if it isn’t, then give me a call and we can improve your health situation!


    Just a little update about me: did you know that I offer FERTILITY COACHING? That means that I can help women that are anywhere to increase their odds of conception. I already have babies in Virginia and Los Angeles, and I’m loving how I am no longer limited by geography.   I use the same principles when coaching as I do in office when working with infertility: I help my patients to understand how to create excellent health so that their bodies return to their natural state of wanting to get pregnant. It works! If you have questions, feel free to hit reply and email me about it. I love answering questions!

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