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Interview with Dorothy Pang, L.Ac., Acupuncturist & The Natural Fertility Expert

Dorothy Pang is dedicated to her clients' whole health

dorothy-pang-profile-transparentWhen my clients leave my office, I am proud to say that they feel better than when they came in. Whether it’s pain that they were feeling, or digestive irregularities, I know that they leave feeling relief from their body complaints, AND that they are actually healthier than before they came in. I’ve seen this change happen to hundreds and hundreds of people.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to treating people with are suffering with a natural, body-friendly method. Read the Full Interview


You could be experiencing results like these . . .

The joints in my hands got stiff over the years of because of constant guitar playing so decided to try acupuncture. To my amazement, it worked and my hands are 90% less stiff. I am able now able to play for a long period of time. I am still going to Dr. Dorothy for treatment and it’s helping me a lot!

Rocky B.

Latest from the Fountain of Youth

The lastest news from Dorothy Pang's blog and eZine "The Fountain of Youth"

  • Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 4.29.49 PMHi!  I hope that you are enjoying the holiday cheer that is abundant this time of year.  Ben and Katerina are really enjoying the lights on the Christmas tree.  Don’t all Christmas trees exude a kind of magic?  I love it!

    I have been feeling the cold weather and I feel it’s really affecting me this year.  Since I’ve given birth, my body has more complaints.  It’s not a surprise, because carrying a baby and birthing a baby can be taxing to a body.  So I thought I’d share a little tidbit of health that I’ve been applying to my every day life to preserve health and fertility.
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  • Party_Helium_Balloons_clip_art_small

    Hi! I hope that you are enjoying the holiday season! I really enjoy the sparkly decorations that are up this time of the year. And I really love the shade of rich red that poinsettias are. It’s holiday party time, so I thought I would discuss some ideas about how to party healthier this time of year. Let’s see those strategies for staying healthy and fertility friendly this time of year.
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  • Hello!

    How are you doing? Firstly, I wanted to remind you that perhaps your healthcare plan has a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or an HSA (Health Spending Account). If you have an HSA or FSA, it’s possible that the dollars in the account will be forfeit at the end of the calendar year. That means, if you don’t use them, you lose them! So make sure to check your plan and see if your dollars expire. And, I wanted to also remind you that Acupuncture is always a service that is reimbursable through your FSA. So I invite you to make some appointments for acupuncture to spend your account balance.

    What are common complaints for this time of year that I treat? I’ll cover three.
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  • pumpkin_pie_208394Hello there!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you have blocked out some time to slow down and enjoy a little quiet time. For me, Thanksgiving Thursday is the day I get up and roast the champagne turkey. And that’s all I do. But I do make sure to save the turkey bits that are not eaten to make turkey bone broth, and I usually do this on Thanksgiving Saturday.

    I have to admit, especially since I’ve started making champagne turkey, I think that bone broth is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. The flavor is amazing, and it is especially amazing when there is a bottle of champagne in there! So here’s my easy post-Thanksgiving easy bone broth recipe:
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  • Champagne TurkeyHello!

    How are you doing today? I’m preparing for some Thanksgiving traditions this week. I traditionally make two champagne turkeys: one for friends’ Thanksgiving and one for family on actual Thanksgiving. Everyone is always intrigued by this phrase “Champagne Turkey”. Well let me tell you it’s delicious. The champagne keeps the turkey moist and it also makes for delicious soup from the carcass later on. Also you’re not wasting anything this way!

    I hate to be a tease by leaving out the recipe, but there are a few recipes for champagne turkey out there if you just to a quick web search. I tend to do a search and create my own hybrid recipe from the top 2-3 that I like. Making a champagne turkey is no more trouble than making a regular bird and the leftover soup is a LOT more tasty. Basically you pour a bottle of champagne into the cavity and the pan and then roast the bird. (This is in addition to some chopped veggies and spices.) It does mean that dressing is cooked separately. I think it would make for really soggy stuffing.
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